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Obtain resources via eco friendly gathering,
as you replant saplings,
allow the food chain to re-populate,
and responsibly dispose of toxic waste.
Wage ware on the environment
stripping the terrain of its ore,
the critters of their hides,
and the oceans of its life,
all fueled by the careless combustion of oil and timber.

Use these hard earned resources to craft the amenities of life.

  Many tiers of:
Storage facilities.
Skill stations (forge, anvil, alchemy station, enchanter, hide tanner, etc...)
Furnature. (beds, cabinits, wardrobes, sinks, etc...)
Clothing, Tools, Armour, Weapons.
Pipes for running water and gas.
Wiring for machines and contraptions.

Travel through many Technology Stages.
  Stone age: Bang rocks together to make fire.
  Iron age: Smelt durable tools catered to specific needs.
  Technology age: Use machines to automate gathering, crafting, and all things that require effort.
  Space age: Sit ontop of kilotons of explosives as you prepair to join the gods.